Flexible Pricing Programs

At Manchester, we have developed a system of corporate relocation specialists, from drivers and crews to agents and sales representatives, whose mission it is to focus on your business day and night. Manchester’s representatives will focus on the details of your relocation with genuine care and understanding every step of the way.

Our promise to you is that every move and relocation experience will be easy. No one know more than Manchester that a corporate relocation can be stressful, time consuming, and only one of many job responsibilities that you are having to deal with. However, we take all the pressure off you and put it on our packers, drivers, and customer service agents. All of Manchester’s employees were hired to provide you with a trouble-free relocation.

At Manchester, we treat you like a colleague and not a customer during your move. The way we see it, anyone can move you from one place to another, but our goals go deeper and further than that. We want to be an extension of your business and will work with you to get the right relocation package.

A Flexible Corporate Relocation Company

When it comes to corporate relocation, you can choose from traditional tariff rates or performance based pricing, or single factor rates. Manchester can work with you to get a pricing structure that meets your needs. Our flexible pricing ensure that no matter what your budget, we can effectively relocate your business.

Single Factor Rate Pricing:

Single-factor rate pricing uses rate/cost “averages” based on your company’s household goods traffic patterns or all of Manchester’s customer shipments. Through this household goods contract, corporate customers receive significant cost savings in the form of a blended discount off published tariff rates, as well as value-added corporate relocation services.

To provide the utmost benefits for corporate customers, average rates are developed for packing, labor, containers and transportation charges, based on the cubic size and/or weight of the shipment, as well as the number of miles the shipment will travel. These rate/cost averages are then put together, becoming a consistent discount, without regard to seasonal or regional pricing changes. As a result, the tariff and cost complexities associated with individual service charges are eliminated.