Free Moving Supplies That Live in Your Home

Moving day can often be a total breeze, going by in a flash as your professional movers safely get your belongings from point a to point b. In our opinion, packing can be the real hassle of moving. Finding materials to wrap your breakables in may seem like a pricey endeavor, so that’s why we rounded up a list of materials you can find in your home to help soften the blow.

Here are a few ideas on how to use belongings just laying around to help keep your breakables in one piece:

1. Pantry Supplies

Killing two birds with one stone, using food items such as bagged beans, rice and lentils can help you pack up your kitchen faster and keep items from shifting around boxes. Instead of using crumpled up newspaper, try stuffing a bag of beans in a corner.

2. Pillows

Soft items like pillows, both from your bed and couch, may seem like they just take up way too much room to warrant a box, but will get dirty if just thrown in a truck. Try using them at the top of boxes to keep items in the box protected in case another box is placed on top, or someone accidently sits on a box that should have been marked fragile.

3. Linens

Everyone has a stash of old towels and sheets from college. They’re often used by house guests, but why not use them to wrap breakable items?

4. Winter clothing

Big bulky clothing like sweaters, sweatpants, and scarves can be a great material rolled up and placed in boxes with breakables. Try putting them in between glasses to keep them from clinking together.

5. Plastic grocery store bags

Try using these to wrap glasses and other breakables. It doesn’t provide a ton of padding, but if you place towels and pillows, it will help to cushion the box.

What at home items have you used to pack? Is there anything we’re leaving off the list?