Making the Decision to Move

In most people’s lives there comes a time when they are faced with a decision to either stay in their home or move to a new one. The reasoning can be anything from needing more room (or less room), being offered a new job in a new location, or wanting to be closer to family and friends. There are many factors that go into deciding to move, and more often than not money is a driving factor.

Moving is a major life decision, and there are many questions and factors that need to be thought about.

When making the decision to move, try asking yourself a few of the questions below. It will help to evaluate whether or not your move is a good idea.

1. Are you moving because you want to or is it necessary?

2. Do you and your spouse have jobs in the new city?

3. Are you leaving family and friends behind or moving to be closer to them? Will you have support in your new home?

4. Are there any additional living expenses you haven’t considered in your new city such as taxes or higher home prices?

5. What is the climate like? Do you love winter but are moving to San Diego?

6. What is the education system like in your new home? What effect will taking your kids out of school have on them?

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to questions you need to consider before planning a big move.

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