Packing & Moving: Why Having a Plan is Necessary

There are times in life when it is very helpful to have a plan in place. Whether it’s what to buy at the grocery store, or how you’re going to handle a big move, planning is one of life’s most difficult and rewarding tasks.

When it comes to moving, having a plan can be invaluable. Simple tricks like using Post-its and clean packing materials will help to have a low-stress move.

Martha Stewart, the leading lady of organization and calm, published a moving guide when she moved from her home of 35 years. While there are some tips that only apply to a very, very, very small percentage of the population, such as how to pack a chandelier, and how to transport a collection of nineteenth-century mirrors, there are tips that are helpful for everyone.

Here are a few of Martha’s insights that you may find useful:

Use clean and practical packing materials

Martha used a combination of plastic bins, bubble packing materials, tissue paper, packing tape and Post-its to get her belongings in order and packed.

Take care with certain breakable items

She started with small fragile items first such as dishes, china, and glassware. In order to pack them safely, the breakables were put into plastic tubs that were filled with tissue paper, and each item was wrapped in bubble wrap.

Prepare your new home as much as possible before the move

Another one of Martha’s strategies was to have her new home ready and waiting to receive her posessions. This is not always possible for many moves. If you are moving into a home without a day or two to clean it first and get organized, then this trick is not applicable. However, if you do have an opportunity to get into your new home and clean and prepare, things will go smoother.

Martha knew exactly where each piece of furniture was supposed to live, and had a post it on the furniture with the specific location it should be placed.

Know when to forgo packing to save time

Knowing when to take extreme care with her belongings, and when to forgo the elaborate wrapping for time’s sake, Martha moved many of her linens, pots and pats, appliances, sports equipment, and more just by putting them in boxes and bringing them over.

Will any of Martha’s tips help you move? We’d love to hear your moving day plans.