Thinking About A Wintertime Move?

As the cold winds come blustering through, it’s not hard to imagine the scene in a few months: snow, ice, and slippery streets. Some people try to plan their moving so they are never caught moving in the cold months. In Chicago, that can be quite difficult since the cold months take up half the year.

The truth is that snow really doesn’t make moving that much more difficult. It’s probably easier than digging your car out of blizzard sized snow banks.

If you are thinking about a wintertime move, your movers will be sure to take extra precaution when moving your possessions, so as not to slip and ruin anything.

Additionally, when you are packing, make sure to wrap things well to protect them from the cold. Especially wooden items that don’t react well to below zero temperatures.

When it comes to your movers, they should take care to drive extra slowly, find the ally and street with the least amount of snow, and be weary of icy patches while carrying belongings in and out of your home.

But there is no reason to plan your life so you aren’t moving in the cold. Instead, focus on how comfortable and cozy you will feel in your new home once you have your belongings put away, and the heat cranked up.

In the meantime, this Chicago moving company is going to try to enjoy whatever warm days we have left.